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Public launch of Exakt Health’s digital physiotherapy app as a certified medical device

  • Exakt Health launches a free and fully digital physiotherapy app for sports injuries across the EU and UK
  • The app has recently been certified as software-as-a-Medical Device under the European Medical Device Directive adhering to high qualitative and medical standards

  • Exakt Health is a Berlin based startup founded by former N26 employees Lucia Payo (CTO) and Philip Billaudelle (CEO). It is backed by well-known business angel Maximilian Tayenthal (Co-founder, N26) amongst others

Berlin 4 August, 2021Exakt Health, the physiotherapy app for sport injuries, announced today its public launch in iOS and Android app stores. Founded by two Ex-N26 employees, Lucia Payo (CTO) and Philip Billaudelle (CEO), Exakt Health offers easy access to personalised sports injury treatment. It has recently been certified as a European medical device and is now publicly available for users in the EU and UK.


“There is a tremendous variety of medical information on the internet, which makes googling your injury and a treatment for it a rather bad idea”, says Philip Billaudelle, CEO of Exakt Health. “We want to make high quality medical information and customised treatment advice easily accessible to the user, so they can recover as fast as possible. Our certification as a medical device underlines our commitment to high medical standards.”


Exakt Health offers a free mobile app that provides users with a customised therapy plan. Starting with typical running injuries such as an Achilles injury, the app makes it easy for users to take charge of their own recovery: the app suggests daily exercises and injury ressources based on the latest medical evidence. The treatment plan adjusts its recommendations considering the user’s feedback. 
The certification under the European Medical Device Directive allows Exakt Health to offer its app as a software-as-a-Medical Device across the EU and the UK. It bears testament to the high qualitative and medical standards Exakt Health is following and sets itself for its product. 


An ever-increasing number of physiotherapy patients and insufficient resources for practitioners lead to long waiting times and frustrating user experiences in the current care system. “Exakt Health’s mission is to make high-quality and individualized physiotherapy accessible to everyone, anywhere”, says Maryke Louw, Lead Physiotherapist of Exakt Health. “Physiotherapy should not be a mystery nor hard to get by. We allow users to get direct access to information and tools for their recovery exactly when they need it.” 


With the certification as a medical device and launch of its App, Exakt Health is only at the start of its young journey. It is to start soon a clinical pilot study to validate the clinical benefits of the App with its users and growing its fully remote product & engineering team to expand the functionalities of its services.

About Exakt Health.

Exakt Health, the sports physiotherapy app, was founded in Jan 2021 by former N26 employees Philip Billlaudelle and Lucia Payo. The app provides easy access to professional physiotherapy. Exakt Health features individualized training plans for patients to treat their sports injuries and is available on iOS and Android across Europe and UK. The Berlin based startup has raised $500,000 to date and is backed by Possible Ventures, Maximilian Tayenthal (Founder N26), Gloria Bauerlein (former Head of Strategy Kry), Cornelia Hoppe (Done! Berlin), Lina Behrens (MD Flying Health), Kelly Ford (former CMO N26), Gemma Bloemen (COO Elder), Michelle Capiod (Co-Founder Blume Equity), Nicolas Kopp (former US CEO N26), amongst others. Find us on the App Store, Google Play or our Website.

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